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Seiza HR delivers qualified candidates for hourly positions and helps you hire them faster with automation features

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Source & hire faster with Seiza

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    potential candidates to reach on social media

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WHY use social media ? Reach potential candidates where they spend their time: social media

Seiza HR creates and runs your recruiting campaigns on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram to give you access to the largest audience of passive and active job seekers

  • Appears directly in the news feed for more impact and visibility

  • Access an audience 5x larger than job boards

  • Create a barrier-free application process by providing candidates with a 3-click and no-resume application

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a turnkey recruiting campaign Seiza HR creates, optimizes and analyzes your campaigns to deliver performance

With a history of 40k+ campaigns run for our clients in all hourly industries, we can offer you the best targeting and performance

  • Adapt targeting to your needs and company based on job title & location (regional / local with a 30 miles radius default)

  • Seiza HR manages your campaigns from start to finish with creation of relevant messaging & visuals with continuous A/B test

  • Access your weekly performance with visibility on KPI's such as reach, impression and cost per lead

KPI performance

Lead management platform Manage your candidate pipeline from one platform

  • Save time by avoiding multiple tools and stay organized

  • Get notified in real time when a new candidate applies

  • Screen your candidates at-scale directly from the platform and process large volumes of applications in minutes

Platform seiza sourcing

Automation features Automate Text & Messages, Interview Scheduling and Scoring

The Seiza HR Platform offers you automation features to accelerate your recruiting process, saves time daily and offers the best candidate experience

  • Text & Messages: Send text messages to your candidates, tailored to their stage in the recruiting process, in just one click 

  • Scoring: Score your candidates with custom criteria and identify the best candidates immediately

  • Interview scheduling: Automate interview scheduling by sending candidates a link to book a slot on their own, even in the evenings and on weekends, and automate reminders to lower no-shows

candidate experience Optimize the candidate experience to hire the best

With Seiza HR, offer the best recruiting experience to your candidates and stand out from their other recruiting options


Designed specifically for hourly recruiting

High growth, high turnover, seasonal peaks? Seiza HR has been developed to address a high-volume of applications and integrate seamlessly with your existing tools.

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Why our customers use Seiza HR

The power of this partnership is incredible. Seiza HR is now one of our best-performing sources in terms of lead application and volume. They have been a great partner to work with

Here at Southwest Airlines, we have seen tremendous success with Seiza HR and the Social Job Sharing platform. We have certainly seen the ROI advantage of this program

Seiza HR helps us get exposure in places outside of typical job boards where more job seekers are spending their time. It would be very hard to get our postings seen without that additional exposure

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