Recruiters are desperately seeking candidates.

28 days. That's the average length of time it takes to recruit for a field job in the US. Why? Lengthy job postings, complex application forms, and mandatory resumes add extra interview steps and stretch out timelines. While candidates are out there, available and waiting to be contacted. They're just waiting for one thing: a simple "go" to get to work.

Hiring shouldn’t be a question of How. It is a question of Now.

Hiring large volumes of candidates is a challenging and time-consuming job, but it can be done with the right timing. Let's end yesterday's methods to recruit efficiently for tomorrow. Let's remove all barriers to recruitment and get straight to the point: a job, a mission, a meeting, a handshake, a job. Let's invent simple, fast, and direct recruitment that meets the new immediacy requirements of all our contemporaries.

Goodbye to recruiting in slow-motion. Hello to hiring in Fast-Motion

Seiza has understood that the secret to high-volume recruiting is being hyper-reactive. So we created a platform dedicated to recruiters in field jobs to enable them to recruit in record time. Seiza automates your daily tasks to free your mind and schedule. Contacting a candidate within an hour, scheduling an interview in the afternoon, sending an offer the next day, and hiring in a few days will become your new norm.

Accelerate your success

Step into the era of accelerated recruitment with Seiza

We are Seiza and we help all recruiters and companies recruit faster, simpler, and now. Connect faster with qualified frontline workers. Choose the best platform to recruit rapidly. Take the shortest path to your recruiting success.


The shortcut to recruiting success

The new shortcut for those who never stop