Find qualified candidates with social media

Seiza HR manages your recruiting campaigns and streamlines your application process to bring you more qualified candidates

Source candidates on social media

WHY use social media ? Reach potential candidates where they spend their time: social media

Seiza HR creates and runs your recruiting campaigns on Facebook, TikTok & Instagram to give you access to the largest audience of passive and active job seekers

  • Appears directly in the news feed for more impact and visibility

  • Access an audience 5x larger than job boards

sourcing on social media

targeting Target and attract the right candidates

With our custom campaigns, you can adapt targeting to your needs and company:

  • Target on job title & location (regional / local with a 30 miles radius default)

  • Benefit from Seiza's proprietary algorithms and audiences built from 40K+ recruiting campaigns

US sourcing targetingUS sourcing targetingUS sourcing targeting

Application process Eliminate all roadblocks and offer a seamless application journey

  • We create a mobile-first application journey

  • We streamline the application journey by offering a workflow directly within the social platform and optimize each step to offer the best candidate experience

  • Quick-apply and no-resume application: we replace the resume by a selection of relevant questions to encourage candidates to apply

Sourcing quick applySourcing quick applySourcing quick apply

turnkey solution Your recruiting campaigns run from A to Z

  • Seiza HR manages your campaigns from start to finish

  • Creation of relevant messaging & visuals

  • Continuous A/B test of the campaigns to optimize their performances

Sourcing Ab testSourcing Ab test

Application process Receive your candidates in real time

Receive your candidates immediately by email, directly into your ATS or in our lead management platform

Sourcing platformSourcing platformSourcing platformSourcing platform

Analytics Follow the KPI's of your recruiting campaigns

Receive your candidates immediately by email, directly into your ATS or in our lead management platform

KPI performance

integrations We integrate with your ATS

12 years of experience in digital recruiting at your service

  • 40+k

    campaigns run

  • 184M

    potential candidates to reach on social media

  • 2 days

    to launch your campaigns

Receive your first candidates within a few days