Transform more candidates into hires, faster


Our candidate platform enables you to automate messages, screen at scale and score your candidates to select and hire quickly and reduce time-to-hire

Save time and accelerate your hiring

  • 20h

    of tedious tasks saved weekly

  • -50%


  • 4.5

    candidate satisfaction

All-in-one solution to recruit faster

  • Simple

    Easy to use both for recruiters and candidates, no training needed

  • Automatic

    Automate each step of the recruiting process to free up your mind and schedule

  • Accelerated

    Automating tasks enables you to save time, manage multiple processes at the same time and reduce your time-to-hire

Lead Management platform Manage all your applications from one platform

  • Save time by avoiding multiple tools and stay organized

  • Get notified in real time when a new candidate applies

  • Screen your candidates directly from the platform

Platform seiza sourcing

Screening Screen candidates fast & at-scale

Seiza HR automates the screening of candidates to process large volumes of applications in minutes

Scoring Score your candidates with custom criteria

  • Identify the best candidates immediately calling them in the next hour.

  • Save time on screening with scored candidates

  • Adapt and choose your scoring criteria

Screening US platform SeizaScreening US platform SeizaScreening US platform SeizaScreening US platform Seiza

SMS & Messages Automate messages & follow-ups

  • Send text messages to your candidates, tailored to their stage in the recruiting process, in just one click 

  • Set-up simple workflows to send a text when a candidate is moved to the next stage

  • Save time and make sure candidates are informed every step of the hiring process

Message automation seizaMessage automation seizaMessage automation seizaMessage automation seiza

Interview scheduling Interview more candidates, faster

  • Automate interview scheduling by sending candidate a link to book a slot on their own, even in the evenings and on weekends

  • Automate interview reminders to lower no-shows and reach up to a 90% attendance rate


Reporting Real-time analytics to give insights on your recruitment process and KPIs

Reporting US platform

Candidate experience The best experience for candidates

Offer a simple and fluid experience to attract, engage and transform more candidates into hires



  • Targeted job postings

    Launch your sourcing campaigns within a few days and get your first candidates immediately

  • No-resume application

    Increase your application completion rates by offering a simple & quick application process

  • Candidates scoring

    Score your candidates automatically with custom criteria and identify high potentials immediately

  • Automated texts & follow-ups

    Automate texts & messages while staying connected to 90% of your candidates vs 60% with manual texting

  • Automated interview scheduling

    Book more interviews in less time: let your candidates schedule interviews in a few clicks

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