Success story

How Seiza helped Atomic Recycling source candidates

Seiza x Atomic Recycling

  • 60 candidates leads generated in 1 month

  • 86% of qualified leads

  • Position to fill: A/B CDL drivers

The Blueprint to Recruiting Efficiency

Through its partnership with Seiza Atomic Recycling has been able to build a better candidate pipeline while gaining exposure to driver audiences they wouldn’t have reached on their own and fill all of their open trucks.


Established in 1999, Atomic Recycling is the leader in construction waste recycling in the Twin Cities metro, Minneapolis, and St. Paul area. 

  • Client since – 2022

  • Position(s) to fill – A/B CDL Drivers

The Challenges: 

  • Optimize their job visibility where drivers  spend most of their time, on Facebook

  • Build their talent pipeline

  • Reach more candidate leads & improve their hiring process

The Solution: 

Seiza helped Atomic Recycling get the most out of its Facebook recruitment strategy by implementing our proprietary targeting system to reach audiences the company couldn’t reach on its own. This increased reach helped Atomic Recycling fill all their open positions in record time.

The Results:

During a 30-day time period, they received 56 driver leads via Facebook Ads. Of those leads 86% were qualified, allowing  Atomic Recycling to fill all of their open trucks in under 30 days. 

Like Atomic Sourcing, accelerate your sourcing with Seiza