Success story

Leveraging Seiza for Customer and Own Success: DriverReach's Approach

Seiza x DriverReach

  • 11k candidates leads generated in 6 months

  • Customer since 2018

  • Position to fill: CDL drivers

The Road to Faster Hires

Through its partnership with Seiza DriverReach has been able to gain exposure for its clients to driver audiences they wouldn’t have reached on their own, helping to ensure the success of their customers as well as themselves. 


DriverReach, is an innovative software solution that streamlines the process of qualifying and hiring CDL drivers, allowing companies to Hire. Better. Faster.

  • Partner since – 2018

  • Position(s) to fill – CDL Drivers

The Challenges: 

  • Help DriverReach acquire more qualified driver leads for their client’s open trucks.

  • Pre-qualify candidates to reduce strain on their clients and their client’s recruiters. 

  • Deliver leads to their clients seamlessly and in real time.

The Solution: 

To help DriverReach make the most out of Facebook and social media, Seiza implemented their proprietary targeting technology to reach qualified CDL A driver audiences they couldn’t reach on their own.

To allow DriverReach to pre-qualify candidates using custom qualifying questions created to gather information on the CDL license, years of experience, and other qualifying criteria.

This allowed DriverReach to deliver qualified candidates to their customers through the funnel depending on their level of qualification.

The Results:

In the last 6 months:

They reached 1,412,191 driver candidates for their clients and received 11,182 driver leads via targeted Seiza Ads

Mackenzie Utzman, Onboarding Manager, DriverReach

It has always been a pleasure working with Seiza. They are not only incredibly responsive, but they truly care about helping us leverage our customers’ success and, in turn, our success. We continue to value our partnership relationship with Ron and the entire Seiza Team.

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