Success story

How TAZ Trucking keeps its trucks in motion

Seiza x Taz Trucking

  • 200 candidates leads generated in 2 months

  • Customer since 2022

  • Position to fill: CDL drivers

The Easy Road to Better Driver Recruiting

Thanks to Seiza solutions, TAZ Trucking transformed Facebook into an efficient source of driver candidate leads with the ease of use of a job board but with three times more potential candidates to target.


Based out of Bowling Green, KY, TAZ Trucking, INC is fully equipped for transporting dry, hazardous, and non-hazardous goods throughout the 48 continental United States.

• Client since – 2022

• Position(s) to fill – CDL Drivers

The Challenges:

  • Optimize their job visibility where drivers spend most of their time, on Facebook

  • Reach more candidate leads & improve their hiring process

  • Pre-qualify candidates to reduce strain on recruiters

The Solution:

To help TAZ make the most out of Facebook, Work4 implemented their proprietary targeting system to reach audiences TAZ couldn’t reach on their own. To allow TAZ to rank applicants, different sets of custom qualifying questions were created to gather information on the CDL license, years of experience, and other qualifying criteria. This allowed TAZ to categorize applicants and move candidates through the funnel depending on their level of qualification.

The Results:

In the last 2 months of 2022:

200 driver leads received via Facebook Ads

Millie Trammell – Recruiter, TAZ Trucking

“For the past two months, I’ve only had roughly 2-3 trucks open and available at a time. Seiza has provided me with many qualified applicants, of which many of them have been hired and are gaining tenure”

Like Taz Trucking, accelerate your sourcing with Seiza