Recruitment Automation

10 Surprising Ways Automation Can Improve Your Recruiting

Jul 8, 2022

These days we live in a world of instant gratification. We have the luxury of same-day arrival of online orders, and nearly everything a consumer could want can be gotten with the touch of a button. The reality is that the modern job seeker approaches employment in much the same way they approach consumerism. 

Candidates research employers, read reviews, and actively seek positions with top-rated companies. Furthermore, they expect to hear back on hiring decisions as soon as possible. Yet 75% of applicants never hear back from employers after applying for a job, and 60% never hear back from employers after an interview. 

This lack of response can lead to a negative candidate experience creating a ripple effect as applicants vocalize their dissatisfaction with how they were treated and discourage others from applying. With so many tasks on the plate of the average recruiter, how can you ensure that every candidate receives the level of communication they are expecting? While technology can never take the “human” out of human resources, automation can help you to streamline the recruiting process and ensure better candidate experiences. Let’s take a look at how. 

Increased Productivity

The purpose of automation is not to replace recruiters, but to give them the tools they need to work more efficiently and make proactive hiring decisions at a faster pace. Automation can be used to handle a multitude of the repetitive tasks a recruiter goes through with every candidate from job posting to candidate screening, SMS texting to analytics. All of which can help to streamline the flow of moving applicants through the candidate journey. 

Applicant Tracking 

Applicant tracking deals with internal tasks, like pipeline visibility, and tracking a candidate’s journey. Think of it as having a comprehensive view of where your candidates are in your pipeline, and how quickly they are progressing through the funnel. 

Staying organized, keeping in touch with all existing open tasks, ensuring quality candidates don’t fall through the cracks, and collaborating with your team members are all functions in Seiza’s recruitment automation platform. These features can be a lifesaver for recruiting teams by helping them track the recruitment process quickly, and at a glance. 

Sourcing and Screening Candidates

Seiza’s automation technology can be used to improve the workflow of creating job postings quickly with just a few clicks. This allows vacant positions to be advertised as soon as possible. 

Once a candidate arrives in your dashboard, you can sort and filter by job type, location, and answers to qualifying questions. These features can help you easily screen applicants and filter out those who do not meet the criteria. This reduces strain on recruiters who no longer have to spend countless hours manually filtering applications from unsuitable candidates.

Job Advertising and Recruitment Marketing

One area where companies use the biggest portion of their recruiting budget is in the placement of job advertisements. The fact of the matter is, that not all job boards and platforms are created equal. Each space has a specific demographic that it targets and posting a job in the wrong place is a good way to spend money you don’t need to.

Fortunately, high-quality solutions like Seiza can gather data on where the best candidates for your positions are coming from and adjust ad spending to take advantage of those arenas. 

This type of automation can help to significantly reduce the cost per lead your company pays. 

Social Recruiting

The average Facebook user has 338 friends on the platform and an additional 31,000 people in their extended network and 35% of the user’s audience see each post. The stats are similar for Linkedin with the average user having 400 first-degree connections and 9,000 second-degree connections, 100% of which see user content.  For Twitter, the average user has 707 followers, and again, 100% of the audience can see user posts. 

Translation? If just one of your employees or recruiters shares your open job listing on their Facebook page, it could be seen by up to 10,850 people, if each job post was shared to all three platforms it totals out to an average of 20,557 people seeing your open job.

Automating your social recruiting can also improve your employer brand messaging. Using automation tools you can easily push out branded content that’s more appealing than your average job posting. Instead, job postings include content that highlights different employee experiences and paints a picture of the company’s culture. 

When you partner with Seiza, we make it simple to turn your entire workforce into a recruiting force. Our technology helps you remove the common barriers to social job sharing allowing employees and recruiters alike to share your branded job posts with just a few clicks. 

Reduced Time to Hire

Each day that an open role is unfilled represents a loss of profitability and productivity for your company. Automation tools can create a smoother overall recruiting system so that your company has fewer candidates who fall out of the recruiting funnel. 

Not only that, but it can speed up certain phases of the hiring process like the ones we’ve covered above. The bottom line is that with streamlined systems in place, you can greatly reduce your overall time to hire. A reduction that benefits the company, improves the candidate experience and increases the value of your employer brand. 

Enhanced Candidate Experiences

Automation technology does more than benefit recruiters, it benefits candidates as well! When it comes to attracting and retaining top talent, the recruitment process is an important factor. Candidates who have a negative recruiting experience are more likely to share their experiences with others. Something best avoided when you consider that 50% of candidates say they wouldn’t work for a company with a bad reputation – even for a pay increase. 

As you look at your candidate experience, one of the aspects that matters the most is your level of communication with applicants. By automating SMS messages, recruiters can streamline the recruiting process, get faster responses and decrease the time to hire.

Improved Candidate Nurturing

The modern job seeker is used to living in a world of instant gratification. This expectation extends into their job-searching behavior. Furthermore, in a candidate-driven market, the difference between securing top talent and losing them to a competitor often comes down to the speed of communication. 

The longer it takes to respond to a candidate, the more likely it is that they will self-select out of the recruitment funnel and find a position with a competing company. At Seiza our candidate nurturing system can help by ensuring immediate automated follow-up with candidate leads. This simple tool can go a long way to ensuring that a candidate doesn’t lose interest before they’ve even begun. 

Better Candidate Management at Scale 

Did you know that a staggering 49% of job seekers have turned down a job offer due to a poor candidate experience? The more applicants you receive for an open position, the more difficult it can be to manually manage each interaction and ensure a positive experience. 

This is an area where Seiza’s automation excels – making it possible to engage with every single applicant. By implementing automation throughout the recruitment process, hiring managers can ensure that all applicants are being nurtured and driven down the pipeline – ending the “application black hole” once and for all.

Simplified Scheduling

You can also use automation to remove yourself from the scheduling matrix by allowing candidates to schedule – and reschedule- themselves without interrupting your team. Implement interview scheduling software to seamlessly provide candidates with available time slots, and allow them to schedule their preferred time slot, based on availability.

Automate Your Recruiting Process with Seiza

The 10 ways we have listed are only a handful of ways that a strong automation solution can make sourcing and hiring easier. With Seiza automation, your company can reduce cost per lead, decrease time to hire, and allow recruiters to focus on the most important part of their jobs, human connection. 

Recruitment can involve many challenging and lengthy activities for recruiters. Customizable recruitment marketing solutions like those offered by Seiza can help companies take the pain out of the hiring process. 

Contact us today to see how we can help your organization substitute manual, time-consuming tasks with an automated recruitment process and help your company take a proactive approach to a tight labor market, and  hire in “fast motion.”