Recruitment AutomationUsing Recruitment Automation to Efficiently Scale Hiring

Using Recruitment Automation to Efficiently Scale Hiring

Connie Byers
Feb 1, 2023

In today’s candidate-driven market, it’s more important than ever for companies to ensure that their recruiting process is streamlined and efficient. While there are a few ways to accomplish this, recruitment automation is one of the most cost-effective and efficient solutions to scaling your hiring efforts.

Modern recruitment automation is so powerful that it's listed as the number one trend in high-volume hiring for 2023. No matter the size of your recruiting team, recruitment automation can help do the heavy lifting to reduce the hours spent on manual repetitive processes. But, there is more to it than that and in this article, we’ll explore how to use recruitment automation to efficiently scale your hiring. From sourcing to screening candidates to candidate engagement and more, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get started.

What is recruitment automation?

Recruitment automation is the use of automation tools to help streamline an organization's recruitment processes from end to end. It involves using an automation platform that can identify pre-defined triggers, that—when met—automatically moves leads through the recruitment funnel. It can include, on-demand sourcing, candidate nurturing, candidate screening, data analytics, and more. 

Why Should Companies Invest in Recruitment Automation?

There are two main reasons companies invest in recruitment automation. The first reason is of course to efficiently scale hiring. The second reason is to improve the experience of both recruiters and candidates. 

By automating the recruitment process, companies can not only streamline their recruitment process, but also save time, and money. Additionally, automation helps to identify top candidates faster, reduce manual repetitive tasks, keep candidates engaged, and overall improve hiring outcomes. 

How Can I Identify Recruitment Automation Opportunities?

Particularly if you hire front-line employees, or hire at high volume, you may be noticing that your recruitment processes have become more and more time-consuming, this is a good indicator that automation can help. Additionally, there are a few key indicators that will help you identify whether or not recruitment automation is the right move for your company. 


First, take a look at the number of applications you receive for each open position. If you’re receiving hundreds (or even thousands) of applications, it’s time to automate.

Applicant Quality

If you’re receiving a high volume of applicants that are unqualified or in the end, uninterested in the position, it may be time to automate your screening processes to free up time that can be dedicated to more qualified candidates.

Applicant Drop Off

If you are receiving enough applicants to fill your positions, but find they have gone elsewhere by the time you are ready to interview them, automation can shine here and help to ensure you never miss a qualified candidate. 

Manual Processes

If it’s begun to feel like all of your recruiter's time is spent on clerical tasks, or sifting through resumes and conducting interviews with little to show for their efforts, it may be time to consider automation. 


Take a look at your time to hire, and cost per hire. If candidate placement takes up too much budget or time, automation may help improve efficiency and cut costs.

If you identify any (or all) of these indicators in your current recruitment process, it’s worth considering automation to scale hiring efficiently.

How to Use Recruitment Automation to Efficiently Scale Hiring

Recruiting automation can be a significant asset for companies looking to scale their hiring efficiently. Automation technology can help scale your hiring process, from end to end saving you on both time and costs, as well as improving the quality of the hiring process. Some of the main benefits of recruiting automation include the following:

Scaling Candidate Sourcing with Automation

Did you know that as much as 70% of the total talent pool is made up of passive candidates? Or that 79% of job applicants say they use social media in their job search? That’s what makes social recruiting one of the most effective methods to cut through the noise and source candidates efficiently.  

Getting recruitment marketing right is important. It impacts both – the quality and quantity of your candidates. With recruitment automation from Seiza, you can request custom social recruiting ads in just a few clicks. Once ordered, the campaigns launch in days using Seiza’s proprietary targeting technology to reach an audience that can’t be accessed on your own. 

How to Scale Candidate Screening With Automation 

Recruitment automation can be extremely valuable when it comes to candidate screening. Using automation, recruitment ads can be set up with custom qualifying questions that will help recruiters to determine a candidate's qualification level. 

From there, within the Seiza platform, candidates can be sorted by the answers they give so that the most valuable candidates can quickly be moved to the next stage of the recruiting funnel. This allows recruiters to focus their efforts and prioritize the most valuable candidates. 

Scaling Candidate Nurturing with Automation

There are many challenges and pitfalls within the average hiring process, but one of the most frustrating ones is losing a candidate within the process that showed great potential. When applicants drop off removing themselves from your talent pipeline it represents a significant loss for the employer both in cost and time. 

We are currently experiencing a candidate-driven market that has given employees the power to pick and choose, leaving employers scrambling after the most sought-after candidates. With automated candidate nurturing talent teams can reduce drop-off, increase hiring speed, and experience a lower cost per hire. 

How to Scale Applicant Tracking With Automation

An applicant tracking deals with internal tasks, like pipeline visibility, tracking a candidate’s journey, and getting a comprehensive view of what your team is up to. 

Staying organized, keeping in touch with all existing open tasks, ensuring quality candidates don’t fall through the cracks, and collaborating with your team members are all functions in Seiza’s recruitment automation platform. These features can be a lifesaver for recruiter teams as it helps them collect and track the recruitment process quickly, and at a glance.  

Measuring Results and Optimizing Hiring at Scale With Recruitment Automation

Look at data as the fuel that drives your recruitment funnel. Without accurate and complete information, efforts to acquire top talent can fall short. It’s important to measure the results of your recruiting automation efforts. Real-time data and analytics allow you to make informed decisions regarding changes to optimize performance. 

By keeping an eye on key metrics such as conversion rate, time-to-hire, and processing rate you can ensure that you’re making the most of your investment in recruiting automation tools.

Scaling Costs With Recruitment Automation

One of the top factors in recruiting that can be scaled with automation is cost. By using a platform like Seiza employers can reduce their cost per hire by eliminating costly and time-consuming manual processes, increasing efficiency, reducing time to fill, and reducing candidate drop-off.

Are You Ready for the Modern Approach to Recruiting?

Automated recruitment is the future of hiring, and the future is now. Seiza’s new platform was designed with recruiters at heart and the knowledge that candidates are the pulse. 

Our technology helps recruiting teams identify, prioritize, and hire the best candidates in “fast motion” and, at scale. If you have been searching for a recruitment automation tool that’s easy, simple to implement across your organization, and helps you to nurture candidates more simply, try Seiza free today.

Connie Byers
Feb 1, 2023